soda fountain shuffle
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Reblooming Iris

Common Name: Soda Fountain Shuffle

Classification:   TB 34" EM Re

Height:  34"

Exposure:  Full Sun

Plant Zones:  6-7

Bloom Time:  Early-Mid Season

Originator: Mike Lockatell, 2015

Price:  2-quart pot - $35.00

My early work to create reliable reblooming bearded irises culminated in combining two Eastern derived varieties in spring 2004. Unchained Melody (Mahan, 1999) and Faultless (Zurbrigg, 1995) were the parents. The resulting seed was planted in late December prior to life saving surgery for late Stage Three skin cancer.

Seed germination was good and over thirty seedlings were planted in 2007 at Cosby Farm in Powhatan County, VA. One seedling stood out for flower quality and rebloom reliability. Lockatell TB Re Sdlg.#20414 BLD was registered in 2009 as Soda Fountain Shuffle.

Flowers are white with a mimosa yellow overlay and a faint violet blaze on the falls. Blooms also have a sweet fragrance. Soda Fountain Shuffle was a successful rebloomer in the master planting at Mystic Lake Gardens for the 2012 American Iris Society National Convention in Riverside, CA. Rebloom was also obtained in a tour garden at the recent AIS National Conventions held in Dallas, TX and the tour gardens for the 2014 AIS Region 4 Spring Meeting in Baltimore County, MD.

Soda Fountain Shuffle can be seen in the J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College display garden in Goochland, VA for the 2015 AIS Region 4 Spring Meeting on May 2nd sponsored by the Central Virginia Iris Society. It can also be seen in tour gardens in the Fredericksburg, VA area for the 2016 AIS Region 4 Spring Meeting.

Mike Lockatell and Roots & Blooms are pleased to introduce Soda Fountain Shuffle for 2015. Limited quantities in two quart pots @ $35.00 will be available this spring. Bare root orders will be accepted through mid-August @ $35.00 plus shipping and handling.

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